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Counsellor Facts

Nola Johnson, Professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist

I received my Diploma of Professional Counselling from VCCT, plus an award for High Level of Practical Knowledge.

Technical training is of course, a necessity, but life experience brings knowledge to
the therapeutic environment that cannot be obtained through books. I bring a wealth
of life experience into the sessions, which makes me a very compassionate, caring, empathetic therapist. I believe I quickly establish an environment where you will feel comfortable, respected and heard.

Many clients prefer to discuss issues with a counsellor who has "been there" – my life has taken me down many different paths, so chances are, I have been there. I have in-depth understanding of the suicidal mind, as well as experience with bereavement through many different types of loss. I believe I can be particularly helpful to parents who have lost children, or people who have lost friends/family through suicide, because these are among the many paths I've walked.

I believe that all individuals are worthy of respect, regardless of gender, age, religion, race/culture, beliefs, sexual orientation or financial status. Aarintaro is LGBTQ positive. Being a respectful counsellor, I would never impose my beliefs or values upon any client.
I also believe all people have a right to receive affordable counselling, therefore,
I keep my rates reasonable and have a sliding scale to help people stay within their budgets. In order to give my clients the best possible service, I keep 30 minutes between sessions so clients don’t see each other (increasing confidentiality), and to allow sessions to run a little overtime when necessary.
Client safety is first and foremost. If I feel your problems are beyond my expertise,
I will have no hesitation in referring you to a counsellor that specializes in that area.
If I feel a referral is required there will be no charge for the session.

Balance: a desirable point between two or more opposite forces.

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