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Affordable Counselling Vancouver BC

Aarintaro is a private practise in Vancouver, BC that offers professional, affordable counselling. I believe counselling should be an option rather than a luxury. Affordable psychotherapy means people can receive the amount of counselling they need/desire, without it causing financial difficulties. Aarintaro has a low hourly rate as well as
sliding scale for low income earners.

Counselling can benefit people from all walks of life. Some may have only minor issues and just need a safe, confidential, non-judgemental therapist to talk with; others may be experiencing deep, emotional trauma. Whatever your reason, I am here to help you along that path in a collaborative manner.

More important than the therapeutic techniques used is the client-counsellor relationship.
If you do not feel heard and respected, you will not feel safe enough to discuss your concerns. The first session gives both the counsellor and the client the opportunity to get
to know each other to determine if there is a good fit, it also gives you an opportunity
to discuss some of the issues that bring you to counselling. You will be encouraged to ask any questions that will help you feel more comfortable with the psychotherapist.

For the first session if the client or the therapist does not feel it is a good fit, the session will be free. So you have nothing to lose. If Aarintaro is a good fit, you get professional, affordable counselling services. If Aarintaro is not right for you, it costs you nothing.

My counselling techniques are eclectic. Each client has their own unique way of viewing
the world, so I work hard to find the best techniques for each particular client. Although REBT and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy have helpful techniques which I sometimes use,
I never use them without first determining the root cause of the problem.

Healing: to alleviate a person's distress or anguish.


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