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Aarintaro Counselling Psychotherapy Services

In a safe, caring environment, you will find healing, support, harmony, growth and balance. I offer professional counselling/psychotherapy services in Vancouver, BC for adults for a variety of concerns that may be causing stress in your life, including:
        Suicide and Crisis Intervention        Communication Skills Training
        Grief and Loss Counselling              Anger Management
        Trauma and PTSD                           Sexual Abuse/Rape
Depression Counselling                  Fears/Phobias
        Childhood Trauma                                     Family Counselling
        Assertiveness Training                    Conflict Resolution
        Family Violence                               Substance Abuse
        Anxiety, Worry                                Self-esteem Issues
        Relationship/Marriage/Couples Counselling

Suicide Counselling includes people who feel suicidal or people living with, or having
a close relationship with somebody that feels suicidal.

Grief and Loss Counselling includes loss through various means, including: death,  divorce, break-up, job loss, miscarriage, abortion.

Childhood Trauma includes emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse.

Family Violence includes therapy for people who have been in, or are in, an abusive relationship. It does not strictly mean physical abuse, as emotional abuse is usually far more damaging than physical abuse.

Making that call for your first counselling session takes courage. I respect how uncertain and nervous you may be, and I attempt to alleviate any anxiety by answering as many questions as you may have. You don’t have to be afraid of asking ‘too many’ questions, as it is important to me that you feel comfortable in making your first appointment. This free consultation by phone (or email) has no time-limit.

Therapy is hard work, it can sometimes make you feel worse before you feel better because it brings up issues and/or feelings that have been suppressed for years. In acknowledging this, my clients are encouraged to call me between sessions if they feel overwhelmed.

Remember: Taking care of your mental health, benefits your physical well-being.

Growth: to enhance the quality of life.

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