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What are the differences between Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Clinical Counsellor, Professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist?
A psychiatrist has a medical doctorate [MD], and is the only one that is permitted to prescribe medication. They are also the only ones that are covered under BC Medicare. Although some psychiatrists also do counselling, their main function is diagnosing and treating mental illness.

The differences between a psychologist, clinical counsellor and professional counsellor
is the amount of academic training; with psychologist having the most and professional counsellor the least.

Psychologists, clinical and professional counsellors are all psychotherapists. The term
is used to differentiate between different therapists (i.e. massage therapist, occupational therapist, etc.). Regardless of academic training, all psychotherapists must adhere to a
strict code of ethics.

Does having the highest degree of academic training automatically translate
to being a quality therapist?

Not necessarily. Life experience, maturity, and personality bring a lot into the equation.
For instance, if you were looking for a family therapist, which would you choose:
a psychologist that has never had children or a therapist with less academic training that has raised a family?.

How do I find the best counsellor for my concerns?
Evidence shows that the number one predictor of successful therapy depends on the client/counsellor relationship. So, start by calling the counsellor and asking questions. A committed therapist will not limit you to only 10 or 15 minutes of free phone consultation, they will allow you to ask the questions necessary in order to help you feel more relaxed about entering into counselling. Aarintaro Counselling is committed to providing quality service, which includes access to the counsellor after-hours.

Support: to give assistance and encouragement. With Aarintaro you are not alone.

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